1 - School uniform is compulsory, and it can be purchased from the school shop. Students aren’t allowed to come out of uniform, football boots, flip-flops or slippers.


2- Students aren’t allowed to wear expensive jewelry to school, but girls may wear small stud earring.


3- Make-up or nail polish is not allowed.


4- Boys should have short hair. Girls with long hair should tie it back.


1- If your child is taking a prescribed course of medicine and has to take it during school hours, you must give the medicine to the school doctor first thing in the morning. The doctor will make sure that the children take their medicine at the correct time.


2-Parents must call the P.R or school secretary and inform them of the reason for absence from school and approximate period absence during illness.


3- It is very important for the school to have the correct contact numbers in order for the child to be picked up from school in case the child becomes ill.

Classrooms / Labs

1- Take care of your classrooms’/labs’ material and equipment; always keep them clean and well organized.

2- Never leave a room until the teacher permits you to do so.

3- Treat others and their property with respect. Practice being courteous.

4- Listen attentively to the teacher speaking.

5- No talking during the class.

6- Raise your hand to ask permission to speak or to leave your seat.

7- Writing on the wall, desk, or door is strictly forbidden.


1- Enter with quiet voices.

2- Don’t push, and wait for your turn to be served.

3- Sit nicely and quietly, when finished push your chairs in towards the tables.

4- Keep the area clean, dispose of trash and left cover’s properly, and never dispose of trash or left cover’s the floor.

School Policies

Food Services

1- Dream International Schools has a large cafeteria that has its own kitchen.


2- The kitchen is for the purpose of serving fresh food and drinks to provide the students with nutritional health support food.

Main Reception

Students aren’t allowed in the main reception of the school during the school day, unless they are called to there, in this event students should walk quietly, no shouting and high voices


1- Always flush the toilette.

2- Always wash your hands.

3- Always keep your area clean.

4- Never leave or throw toilet paper on the floor.

5- No one is allowed to write on the walls or doors.


Riding on the bus is a privilege not a right. If a student persists in disobeying the school transportation rules or is late, then their bus service privilege will be withdrawn.