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Dream International Schools is a private school in 6th of October city, Giza. It's main campus is located inside Dream Land compound which is situated in a unique location overlooking the majestic pyramids of Giza, approximately 30 km from the heart of Cairo. Dreamland compound is located on Wahat road highway and contains the only golf course in 6th October. In addition, large green areas and public gardens which makes it a quiet, beautiful, clean and pollution free compound. The school premises is set upon 24,000 square meters within the safe and secure compound featuring around the clock security services with parking areas that are available and jam free.

Dream International Schools opened it's doors to students in 2002 with approximately 500 students attending it's first academic year back then. The school started with a one floor building and has experienced rapid growth since then with the numbers of students doubling each and every year. Today, 2000 students are present and attend for their academic education at DIS.

The school has continued to build strongly on the foundations that have been laid since the early years. The school now has 3 floors building; built upon 4,000 square meters; divided into two wings; first is the American Division and second is the National Division.

Each wing has 40 spacious, well ventilated and well-equipped classrooms to cater for all our stakeholders. The school's structure for the American Division is from Pre-K to Grade 12. The National Division is from Pre-K as well till 3rd Secondary.

Additionally, the school offers a full-service cafeteria, completely equipped computer and science laboratories, a multi-purpose conference room, a library, a clinic, facilities for music and art, and the administrative offices. 

In 2020, DIS celebrated it's 18th year in operation and continues to aspire for strong expansion in the future.

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