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We are delighted that you are considering DIS for your child’s education and we welcome your interest in the school.

The application process begins

6 months in advance of September admission.

Admission Procedures

  • Fill in the online admission request form. 

  • The admission team will review your request within 5 business days.

  • You'll receive a phone call or an email,  from the admission team informing you with your request status. If it has been determined that  there  is a vacancy and your request is approved; they will be scheduling your interview date within the phone call.

  • Both parents and the student are requested to visit the school premises on the scheduled  date  for the interview, student's standardized placement test,  filling and signing the hard copy application.

  • Once the student is accepted; parents will be required to submit official transcripts and original required documents.​​​​

  • Parents are required to complete the first installment of the tuition fees and registration process within 2 business days after acceptance; to secure a place for the student.


Applicants Requirements

Prospective parents need to prepare the required documents below before attempting to access the online application:

  • Parents' ID (Mother + Father)

  • Student's original birth certificate “computerized”

  • 6 personal photos (6×4)

  • Previous school report

  • Copy from student's Immunization card


Please note the following requirements to proceed with your child's admissions process:


  • Students transferring from other schools in Egypt must provide a transfer certificate, stamped by their current school and the relevant educational department once they have passed their DIS assessment exam. They must also provide an educational sequence statement for the past school years.

  • Students joining from abroad (any country outside Egypt) must submit the last school reports from the previous school (s) stamped by either the Egyptian Embassy or the Egyptian Consulate in the country they are transferring from. Passport copies for the child and both parents are also required.


  • Foreigners must submit a copy of their residence visa in Egypt.


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Education is about preparing students for college and creating leaders for tomorrow

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