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Within a culture of mutual trust and respect, where teachers and students are partners in education, Dream International Schools challenges each young student to reach his\her potential through individualized learning experiences that encourage self-awareness and a growth mindset.


Director's Message

Welcome to Dream International Schools!

For more than 20 years, Dream International Schools has been motivating students to achieve academic and personal excellence while developing a solid foundation of knowledge. We serve those parents and students who are looking for an excellent education in a purposeful and productive yet caring and supportive family atmosphere.

Our teachers are highly educated, motivated individuals that utilize intuitive methods of instruction and teaching, designed to promote the maximum potential of each student.

As I am the Owner and Director, I personally govern, administer and legally represent Dream International Schools. Our vision is to create challenging and eager learners who cooperate and compete together, acquiring their knowledge and developing skills while honoring high standards of excellence.

Dr. Eva A. Beshay


Core Values


We recognize that our obligations go beyond our professional responsibilities. We devote ourselves to a positive attitude, which enhances self-esteem for students, staff and families.


We are responsible for the success of our students; the support for each other; and for the support of our community.


We value and honor the individual perfection and diversity of our students. We encourage creative talent and offer opportunities for such talent to excel.


We are committed to a strong and comprehensive educational program that nurtures students within a responsible community and encourages academic aptitude and moral principles.


We offer pastoral care and employ professional strategies that induce students to become independent life long learners.


Mission Statement

Dream International Schools will provide a diverse, rich and college preparatory education to all students in a respectable, challenging and harmonious environment. This type of environment provides the students with the opportunity to experience success and prepare them to participate in society effectively.



Dream International Schools is a community of challenging and eager learners who cooperate and compete together to acquire knowledge and develop their skills while honoring standards of excellence.


Our Beliefs

Learning is the responsibility of the school, home and the community. Every person and every learner deserves to be treated with respect, even when there may be a disagreement.

Our teaching strategies provide equal opportunities for all students to meet and exceed the standards for successful learning and living.

Our school is a community with high expectations for excellent behavior from each and every member. We value education and knowledge and thereby, expect students to use this wisdom to make the world a better place for all.


Our Goals

Our goals are to produce lifelong learners that are prepared to participate in society as knowledgeable citizens equipped with the ability to communicate effectively with their surroundings.

We define lifelong learners as people with the following traits:

  • Highly qualified skills.

  • Challenging spirits and minds.

  • Highly developed team work ethics , valuing the democratic process.

  • Highly developed sense of responsibility and commitment.

  • Capable of meeting deadlines.

  • Can be held accountable to their actions and commit to what they say.

  • Creative thinkers and problem solvers.


Education is about preparing students for college and creating leaders for tomorrow

DIS - Our Team


Great teachers make a difference to children's lives. They make them feel secure and happy at school, they inspire them to learn, and they  get involved in all sorts of events and activities. DIS teachers are highly educated; most of them  hold higher degrees and are  members of professional institutes. All have professional teaching qualifications and are screened for safeguarding purposes.

Dr. John Aziz

Deputy Director

Ms. Jolie Aziz


Ms. Gina Aziz


Ms. Christine George


Mr. George Wadie


Dr. Ramy Francis

Technology Director

Ms. Mirna Farag

Human Resources Director

Ms. Maha Samy

Student Affairs Director

Mr. Tarek Mostafa

Finance Director

Mr. Abraham Yard

Academic Director

Mr. Hany Ezra

Head of Mathematics

Ms. Heba Rady

Head of Elementary-School Science

Mr. David Gendy

Head of High-School Science

Ms. Dinar Mohamed

Head of French

Mr. Mohamed Abd El-Reheim

Head of Arabic

Mr. Amr Abdallah

Head of German

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