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Campus Safety

Ensuring our campus is safe is guided by the following principles:

  • Compliance with Ministry of Health regulations and advice on operating procedures including distancing in classrooms and capacity guidance in schools.

  • Facilitating face-to-face learning in school when it is safe and practical to do so

  • Consideration of a full risk analysis prior to any change in circumstances

  • The needs of our community and above all the safety of our pupils, staff and families.

Health and Safety Procedures

DIS cannot guarantee a risk free environment from COVID-19, and for some families we understand that opting for distance learning is possibly a more suitable option.

We endeavor to cater for the needs of all of our pupils and their families.

DIS COVID procedures work firstly on the assumption that if we behave in a safe manner then COVID is unlikely to get into our community and onto our campus.

Our intention is to work with our community to prevent the virus entering the campus. If however the virus does enter the campus, there are a number of critical safety procedures to prevent further spread.

The procedures we implemented last year proved to be effective in this respect. We do however, recognize that there are always potential developments with the virus and it is important that we respond flexibly to changes. We ask parents to read this document together with the hyperlinks.


Our main preventative measures are summarized under the following 6 key areas:

  • Social Distancing.

  • Mask Wearing.

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing.

  • Screening and Preventative Hygiene.

  • Ventilation.

  • Contact Tracing and Communication. 


Reasons For Class Closures


  • A known COVID positive case on campus or in contact with members of the class during their infectious period - up to 48 hours before the first onset of first symptoms or 48 hours before a positive PCR test in asymptomatic cases

  • A suspected positive case on campus or in contact with members of the class but awaiting results of a PCR. School may implement a precautionary closure(s) in this situation pending the result of the PCR.







& Clean

Indoor Air

Eat a
Healthy Diet

Larger Groups

Mask up
all the time

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