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Dream International Schools Admission
Dream International Schools :Admission Admission Policy

All potential students will be assessed before admission to ensure that DIS meets their educational needs.

The admission policy is comprehensively informative with regards to the fees and tuition; and the administration makes it a priority to publicly furnish the guardians with detailed written information.

The polices are subject to change and review when necessary.

Documents Required

• Signed and completed application form.
• Original birth certificate.
• (12) recent passport size photographs
• Vaccination records from birth up to date of entrance.
• Registration fee.
• Parents will be required to attend an informal interview with the school principal.

Age Requirements

Pre-K class 2 yrs, 6 mth On Oct. of the year in question.
KG 1 3 yrs, 6 mth On Oct. of the year in question.
KG 2 4 yrs, 6 mth On Oct. of the year in question.
Prim 1 5 yrs, 6 mth On Oct. of the year in question.

Admission Application

Applications are available as of March prior to the school year in question, applications received after august 15th of the school year in question will be processed on a space-available basis only.
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