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Mission Statement

Dream International Schools :Mission Statement Dream International Schools will provide a diverse, rich and college preparatory education to all students in a respectable, challenging and harmonious environment. This type of environment provides the students with the opportunity to experience success and prepare them to participate in society effectively.


• Learning is the responsibility of the school, home and the community.
• Every person and every learner deserves to be treated with respect, even when there may be a disagreement.
• Our teaching strategies should provide equal opportunities for all students to meet and exceed the standards for successful learning and living.
• Our school is a community with high expectations for excellent behavior from each and every member.
• Our school is a community that values education and knowledge and thereby, expects students use this wisdom to make the world a better place for all.

Dream International Schools :Goals Dream International Schools goals are to produce lifelong learners that are prepared to participate in society as knowledgeable citizens equipped with the ability to communicate effectively with their surroundings.

Lifelong learners have the following traits:
• Highly qualified skills
• Challenging spirits and minds
• Highly developed team work ethics , valuing the democratic process
• Highly developed sense of responsibility and commitment
• Capable of meeting deadlines.
• Can be held accountable to their actions and commit to what they say.
• Creative thinkers and problem solvers.

Dream International Schools is a community of challenging and eager learners who cooperate and compete together to acquire knowledge and develop their skills while honoring standards of excellence.

Dream International Schools :Core Values Core Values

We recognize that our obligations go beyond our professional responsibilities. We devote ourselves to a positive attitude, which enhances self-esteem for students, staff and families.

We are responsible for the success of our students; the support for each other; and for the support of our community.

Dream International Schools :Core Values We value and honor the individual perfection and diversity of our students. We encourage creative talent and offer opportunities for such talent to excel.

We are committed to a strong and comprehensive educational program that nurtures students within a responsible community and encourages academic aptitude and moral principles.

We offer pastoral care and employ professional strategies that induce students to become independent life long learners.
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